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September 25, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | September 25

We are a kingdom and priests.  We must each rise up bravely and tell the truth about sin to our kids and to our friends, because only the truth will bring back the straying and strengthen the weak and crippled.  People long for the truth. They don’t want to limp along.  They want to walk normally.  They just need someone to tell them.

Are you strengthening the weak, binding up the crippled, and bringing back the strays?  Are you even strengthening yourself, or are you still sucking spiritual milk from baby bottles?  The meat of God’s Word is necessary for strength, no matter how tough it can be to bite off and chew.  Jesus was the Word in flesh, and the life of the Son is in the Word.  An encounter with the meat of God’s Word, then, is an encounter with Jesus, our Healer and our standard for living.  Every touch from His life in the truth of His Word has one purpose, to bring you life up to the normal, higher heights in Him.

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