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September 26, 2022 | Daily Devotionals | September 26

The Story

The story of human history emanates directly out of the character and conduct of two men: Adam and Jesus Christ.  Their story is our story, and it is still being played out today. Either men around the world are in Adam or men are in Jesus Christ.  Consequently, men are either being disobedient or obedient to God. Men are either producing suffering or producing life for others.  Either death is reigning or life and health are being created.

Pick up a newspaper and tack the suffering we see worldwide.  It’s a leadership issue: the character of Adam or the character of Christ is prevailing in cultures around the globe, producing conduct and choice that touch people in the blast zones of their leadership.  A quick study of the headlines tells a tragic story of broken male leadership and impact.  Fatherlessness, domestic violence, rape, divorce, political corruption, sex-trafficking, prostitution, exploitation of the vulnerable, tribalism, greed, materialism and a plethora of power trips are just a few of the issues that stem from ugly male character gone wrong.

God in His mercy has looked down on man’s choices and has decreed that his supernatural love is available through Jesus who took our blame and then gave us the Holy Spirit. We have been given “the Good News,” and his Holy Spirit was given to us to continue this blast of good news to this dying world. It’s time for us to examine, to look deep and determine what it is that holds us back from taking the joy of our salvation and giving it to others.  Just tell your story. We are partnering with God, is that a concept or what? Do we believe that?

Thank you Father, you have done it all, now it’s time for people to hear my story. 


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