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September 26, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | September 26

Your wife’s weaknesses may create impasses and threaten oneness.  What will you do to bring oneness from such impasses?  By demanding, as her leader, that she straighten up and fly right?  Surely you can find a more effective way to help her when she needs guidance.  Why not lay down your rights as the leader and graciously love her through these impasses?

Your wife’s weaknesses are as much a part of her soul essence as her gifts are, and neither should be trampled.  You love yourself and handle your own weaknesses with mercy and grace, hoping others will make allowances and work around them as you do.  So allow your wife’s weaknesses to be expressed as freely as yours are.  Then, in grace, work together in kindness and diligence to purify your legacy for those who will follow.

If your approach has been to crow like a rooster over every one of your wife’s imperfections, eat some crow, confess your unloving attitude to God and to her, and watch what happens.  If she’s like 98 percent of all women, she’ll draw closer to you, and your relationship will continue to grow for as long as you appreciate and accept her, imperfections and all.

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