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September 28, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | September 28

Remember the old phrase “Stop kicking the dog”?  That’s when someone has been hurt or rejected and then proceeds to take out his emotions on those around him – folks and family memebers who had nothing to do with what happened in the first place.  One way or another, we all give the dog a quick boot following losses and hurts that we experience in our relationships.  And we spend the rest of our adult lives either making others pay or, with God’s help, making them pay less and less.

When God’s man lives out a wound, he withdraws himself from God and people – and that only spells trouble.  To put it simply: No one likes the feelings produced from blowing it and causing harm to the relationships we deem important.  It is precisely at this moment that the world, the flesh, and Satan love to offer God’s man new feelings from an enticing menu.

Usually the new sensation involves directly disobeying the will of God.  That’s one reason why Satan likes for these matters to stay unresolved:  It keeps men distanced from God and destroys relationships.

Thankfully, God has the answer for each of us, and it comes in the form of Himself.

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