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September 3, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | September 3

For too many of us our sexuality is still dominated by our eyes, even after we get them bouncing and under control.  While we would never say it to our wives, our attitude is cleary saying, Okay, I’ve gotten my eyes under control, and you are looking better than ever before!  I’ve done my part.  I’ve gotten rid of my porn stash and stopped looking at the hotties in the string bikinis.  But you have to do your part, babe.  Become one of them!  Always thin.  Always available.  Always smiling with that come-on look, ready for action.  Become what I’ve given up for you!

We want a seductive tigress on the prowl whose wardrobe comes straight out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog and whose come-hither look reminds us of a certain porn star.  The problem with that?  There’s been no underlying transformation of our corrupted sexuality.  Our sexuality is still not about our wives or an intimate inner connection – it’s about us, our eyes, and our pleasure.

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