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September 8, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | September 8

The Explosion in History

A turning point in world history loomed. Something was about to happen that would reverberate out of Jerusalem and be felt worldwide. Jesus being crucified was the first and necessary explosion the disciples had to feel.  The walls of their personal expectations (that Jesus would build a physical kingdom on earth) would finally collapse with His ascension to Heaven. Jesus leaving also made way for a flooding entry of the Holy Spirit.  In other words, an emotional low in the disciples and a power from on high were about to coalesce, establishing the perfect conditions for a Spirit-induced explosion of power that would send shock waves over the entire planet for centuries to come.

The boiling hopes, the magmatic expectations, and the powerful attachments of the disciples over the last three years were ruptured intentionally by God, leaving a gaping hole of opportunity in them.  Soon the floodgates opened, and the Holy Spirit entered and flooded every cavity of their soul with his assurance and anointing for ministry.  As they waited in that upper room in Jerusalem, living water suddenly inundated their souls, rapidly mixing with and making perfect sense of all their anticipations, prospects, and probabilities that were connected to Jesus. All the dots were connected, and the lid of their willingness to be used for God’s purpose was blown off. So powerful was the initial explosion of spiritual energy created by the Holy Spirit that those who witnessed it were at a complete loss.  Something had clearly entered, possessed, and fully taken over the bodies and minds of those men.

That same Holy Spirit entered our lives when we accepted Christ. What a faith builder it is when we realize that every good thing that comes from us is initiated by the Holy Spirit’s presence in us.

Thank you for that faith building explosion that took place in my life.


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