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September 5, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | September 5

God always knew marriages would wither when rooted in contracts, which is why He established unconditional covenants.  He knew that conditions change.

God never forgot what we often forget -namely, the curse of Eden is a grinding curse.  Life is a steamroller, making pancakes of conditions and easily mashing the naive contracts we create.  In our dreams for marriage, maybe we forget that we would still have to work long hours by the sweat of our brow to eat, and that we wouldn’t always see each other as much as we wish.

Any number of trials and tribulations might make conditions impossible to meet, but we demanded guarantees anyway, demanding some form of Eden from our marriages, when all the time our place is to cherish our wives unconditionally.

That doesn’t sound much like Eden to us.  We don’t like our place.  So our inner defenses are let down, and we lose our concern for God’s purposes.

In the countless ways we poke each other in this shared space called marriage, our focus needs to be on our sharp edges, not hers.

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