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September 16, 2013 | EMM Main Blog | The Ultimate Draft Picks & Requirements – Who’s On Your Team?

Every pre-season, professional sports teams “draft” players and make “trades” to assemble a team for the next season. Teams look for a winning combination, the best possible mix of talent and experience that fit into their system. I think every God’s man needs to draft teammates that support his goal of living a God-honoring life.


So, who’s on your team?


At Every Man Ministries, this is a core concept. We want men to “Get in. Get Healthy. Get Strong. Get Going.” If that’s your system, then you need to draft teammates that support this process.


Kenny Luck, Every Man MinistriesHere’s what I mean: The first person you want to draft is a man who you can confide in, perhaps a best friend or pastor, who you may think of as a “Wing-man” — someone you can confess to, share your struggles with and pray with.


Next, every God’s man needs a mentor(s). Think of, or find a man (or men), you can learn life lessons from. They may be Bible teachers, scholars, and experts in other areas that impact your spiritual, financial, emotional and relational health. You might call these your “Go-to guy(s).”


Now, you need a group. God’s man needs other men to learn with, learn from and serve with. Small groups, or men’s groups, are critical to developing spiritual maturity in God’s man. This is your “Possy” or “Homies” who got your back. Translation: Friends who are on your side.


Draft Pick Requirements


Knowing what men you need is only half the challenge. Now you have to have the right kind of men. Here are the requirements:


  1. Transparency — There’s no room for facades for God’s man. Authenticity and being transparent with your fear, sin and struggles opens an environment for God to work in. If your teammates are fake, then you will be too.


  1. Frequency — Choose teammates who you can meet with on a regular basis, i.e. weekly, monthly or even annually. Without frequency, there’s a lack of accountability and without accountability, there’s stagnation in your maturity.


  1. Proximity — It’s best to draft teammates who are accessible, within an easy drive’s distance away. The farther they are, the less access you have. The closer they are, the more potential you both have to serve each other.


  1. Unity of Purpose — Your teammates need a common purpose, which is to be God’s man and change the world with the development of your character. Without a common purpose, your team’s priorities — and resulting support — can undermine what you are trying to achieve.


  1. Authority — Perhaps most importantly, be sure to draft teammates who can speak with authority in your life. If you have men who you respect on your team, you will be more apt to receive their guidance, instead of ignoring the truth when you are faced with it.


If your Wing-Man, Go-To Guys and Homies have met your draft pick requirements, then you are in for the ride of your life, and one that honors God while blessing you with a team to proceed through life’s adventure.


What man on your “team” has had the most impact in your life, and why? Give your answer in the comments on this blog.



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