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January 8, 2013 | Endorsements | Tom Blackaby

“Many books contain filler you have to dig through to find the nuggets of truth. No so in Sleeping Giant. I found it impossible to run or skip through the book; instead I had to walk slowly, stop and think, and even sit a while and reflect on the insights that touched my mind and my heart. Sleeping Giant opens the wound many churches are ignoring or covering over and provides strong medicine for not only healing but for thriving. I appreciate how Kenny speaks from a wealth of practical, hands on experiences with real men in real churches. No theoretical solutions, unrealistic suggestions or guilt tripping here. Thank you Kenny for caring enough about the church and God’s people to help put our feet back on the right track.” —Tom Blackaby, coauthor of The Man God Uses, The Family God Uses, and many others and international director of Blackaby Ministries International

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