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January 13, 2014 | EMM Main Blog | Weird Science: Why People Defend a “Theory”

At the coffee shop the other day, I overheard a man shoveling broken science into the ear of his guest about how the academic world does not support the existence of God or religion.


I wanted to set the man straight, but figured I could write about it instead.


Weird Science: Why People Defend a "Theory"If you research creation, the Theory of Evolution, and the existence of God, you will come to a crossroads. You will either have to believe in a theory that has never been proven, and requires several physical laws to be upended, or accept the enormous amount of facts from cosmology, biology, physics, anthropology, non-Christian historians, ancient historical texts and Biblical scholars that unequivocally point to a creator, showing it actually takes much less faith to believe in God.


For most non-believers, they would rather hang onto the “weird science” of their own intellect, acting as armchair biologists defending rigorously a theory so they can justify their immoral lifestyle. Because if they acknowledge the truth, then they would have to contend with being cosmically accountable and explain their behavior.


The question that cuts to the bottom line is – what is your real motive to denying the truth, and accepting an unproven theory? And then proceeding to live without a real purpose or internal hope?


The answers are fear or pride:


  • Fear of letting go of an immoral lifestyle, and losing control of your own “kingdom.”


  • Or being too prideful to surrender to a power higher than yourself and follow Him — not willing to usurp the driver’s seat.


Because if God is real, then you would have to change your lifestyle. And, that’s too scary for most men to deal with.


My favorite resource on the topic is “Language of God” by Francis Collins, which describes the results of the human genome project. Several studies by non-Christian geneticists concluded all of mankind can be traced back to one man within the same era as Adam.


I’ve also leaned on world-leading historians, scholars and scientists to find the fact or fiction about God and creation. Here are a couple of mind-blowing tidbits:


  • The Earth exists in a finely-tuned universe, with atmospheric pressures, gravitational pulls, and the exact distance away from the sun to support life. Should the Earth’s rotation alter to an nth of percent degree, life would not be possible. Cosmology points to a creator and validates the “most important verse in the Bible” Genesis 1:1. Because if God created the heavens and the earth, then mankind must answer to this reality.
  • Best-selling author, and former atheist, Lee Strobel investigated three areas of science, biology, cosmology, and physics to come to the conclusion that science “points powerfully and persuasively toward the existence of a creator.”

And he’s not alone.


  • Raymond Bohlin, Ph.D. of molecular and cell biology is the Director of Probe Ministry, and has been published widely in several scientific journals. Through a career studying life, and the Bible, he says science virtually proves “the absurdity of Darwinism,” giving mankind no excuse to know and appreciate the wonders of God.


  • John Bloom, holds two doctorates and is a professor of Physics at Biola University. He says the structure and finely-tuned nature of the universe leaves little wiggle room for any other explanation except for God who is dynamically orchestrating the delicate balance of many physical forces to sustain life on earth.


  • Craig Hazen, Ph.D., founder and director of the Master’s of Science program at Biola University, said based on his vast research studying science and history, “Turns out Christianity is true.”

The reason people don’t want to believe in God is if they do, there’s cosmic accountability for their actions, and they’d rather use the smoke of science to justify themselves. But an honest and thorough examination would show, they may be just smoking something funny.



* * *


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