Daily Devotionals

  • By Every Man Ministries

Night Vision


Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8 


Borrowing from the comments by soldiers using night vision in combat, ask yourself: How valuable is the ability to see your invisible enemy by taking away his cover of darkness—How useful is the ability to neutralize threats quickly—How disconcerting do you think it is to a terrorist organization when all its fake identities, safe houses, fronting businesses, weapons caches, terrorist cells, and its ultimate, secret playbook are intercepted and disseminated—How helpful would it be to know the psychology of your enemy leader, his motivations and the resulting tactics?


Oh yes, you can believe that Satan is hot under the collar about you having night vision and his desire is that it goes one place: nowhere. That’s why in order to employ God’s night vision it’s going to take a lot more than passion and a game plan against pride.


Notice that he doesn’t give just anyone living wisdom for the fight. He looks for the difference between the intellectual understanding and practical application.  We all know lots of guys, pastors, and full-time theologians who have been given the Intel that God provides and are still getting slaughtered by the enemy. The Bible says the more spiritually undivided you are the better your Intel gets. More integrity, more clarity, “He stores up sound wisdom for the upright…. Is a shield to those who walk in integrity.”


Jesus, you have given me a new mind to understand your will. Thanks for the Intel and the opportunity to return the favor. 

  • By Every Man Ministries

My Face or His Face


“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time” (Peter 5:6)


The lens of the mission of Jesus was humility—that’s where it had to start. He had to balance His identity and His ministry to men.  He had to manage his capacity to influence and his Father’s purpose for him. He had to learn the rhythm of possessing loyalty without flaunting his crown. You may not be a celebrity but you have influence. Similarly, you may not be pulling down six figures but I know you have relational capital in the lives of others. For God’s man, greatness on earth begins with humble surrender—giving yourself to Christ and refusing to resist His power.  Everybody starts there.


We have to get on our face to see His face.  We have to get low in our estimation of ourselves to get high in God’s estimation of us.  We have to reflect humility to reveal Christ on earth.  When we take this step, we are able to do more for God and people than we ever dreamed—just like the King.


Will you be the man that says, “I deserve better than this?”  Or will you be God’s man who says, “I’m willing to wait for your timing on this one Lord,” The languages of entitlement, conditions and selfishness are not spoken in the land of humility. They are foreign tongues that make sense only to those men given first to pride, masking their fears of being truly great by wasting their influence and affluence on themselves.


Father sometimes I’m overwhelmed, you have not only chosen me but given me everything to be what you want me to be.

  • By Every Man Ministries

Time to Contribute


Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Proverbs 3:6 Message bible


You say, “How do I know what I’m supposed to contribute?” Trust God to speak to you through the use of these questions.


What are the things that I care about most?—What’s my natural skill set?—Where do I get results versus failure?—What subjects do I love to talk about?—Where do I like to invest my physical energy?—In what situation do I feel myself getting most competitive?


Being used by God is the most fulfilling thing a man can experience. He has created us all with a different skill set; He has given all a unique job to do. You are God’s unique creation placed in a world of need. It is interesting to note that Jesus’s natural physical skill set was a carpenter. But his spiritual skill set was centered on relationship.


Remember this—the more you concentrate on your relationship with God as a perfect father with perfect love for you, the more confidence, poise and ability you will have at understanding what you are here for. That question will dwindle and you will discover naturally the skill set he has given you. He will direct your paths. You are now a Kingdom man, you have been given the mind of Christ. Man up and believe it, and remember no risk, no faith.


Father, I trust your promise, you are directing my paths. 

  • By Every Man Ministries

Holy Spirit Relationship


Sound thinking makes for gracious living, but liars walk a rough road. Proverbs 13:15


How many believers have you encountered who gave the appearance that everything was solidly put together on the outside, but inside life was full of pain from relational, moral, spiritual and emotional traumas?  So often what we see underneath is an undiagnosed or untreated spiritual fracture in a person’s relationship with the Holy Spirit. By default that person loses his functional power of his spiritual life to help him grow, change, heal, and experience health in his relationship with God and people. These men try to move things forward but they just don’t have the inner strength and spiritual power to do it, they don’t know the “how to,” for them ignorance incapacitates.


The most prominent way our relationship with the Holy Spirit is broken is the lie. We lie to the Holy Spirit when we wear the mask of faith in order to deliver pleasure, satisfaction or approval to our flesh. His character will not allow deception of any kind. Satan’s work is subtle, always examine your motives.


We find that many Christians don’t know how to because they don’t know what spiritual fractures look like when it comes to their relationship with the Holy Spirit. The good news is that regardless of the severity of the fracture it can be realigned like a broken bone in our body. He is still in our physical body, still being held together by the structure of faith and still holding the potential to powerfully heal us and make us spiritually stronger than we were before.  He wants you to be filled with the Holy Spirit, ask him. He loves you.


Father, help me to be true to myself and others.

  • By Every Man Ministries

On Target

Trust in the
Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

I did a little research and in the Vietnam war the average number of rounds that were expended by the average soldier, get this, to kill one enemy with an M 16, was fifty thousand rounds. The average soldier, shooting an M16 in the Vietnam war would expend 50,000 rounds for one kill.  The average number of rounds expended by a U.S. military sniper was 1.3 rounds. You can just look at the efficiency that these guys are trained just to be on target. The average soldier will hit a man sized target at 300 meters, 10 percent of the time. Graduates of the US sniper school are expected to hit their target 90% of the time at six hundred meters. That is why they call a sniper a force multiplier.

There are targets that need to come down in our lives that sabotage our best intentions, ruin our relationships, destroy our influence, and pollute our impact as men. I want to pause for a second to think.  If you could eliminate an attitude or an action or a part of yourself that you know could change you significantly for the better what would you eliminate?

God would never equip his soldier with tools and significance that would He not give pinpoint accuracy. You have been given both offensive and defensive tools to get the job done.  Study and show yourself approved and then execute the use of these tools which are the fruit of the Spirit and the full armor of God.

Thank you Father, you have made available every tool of war needed to make me the man you want me to be.  

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