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Tactical Retreat Part 2 with Jason Park – Audio Only

Think about the awesome things you learned that required a teacher.  Riding a bike; hitting a baseball; driving a car.  You needed a teacher and to be willing to learn. A powerful connection was made between you and that teacher, because you humbled yourself and trusted them.  Men step into important situations without a teacher?  We say “I got this”, and what happens?  We crash and burn, not unlike we would have if our dad had not been running after us, holding onto the banana seat on our Schwinn Stingray.  Why?  Here’s a hint.  It starts with a P and rhymes with the word PRIDE. You can’t be a student without humility.  Men of God require leadership from men of God. You need a guy coaching you and teaching you what he has learned.  You also need to be doing the same.  Coaching men just as you have been coached.  When Paul told Timothy to “teach these truths” (2 Tim. 2:2) he was telling Timothy to teach the things Paul had taught him.  All of us need to have a teacher and a student in our lives.  

Download Tactial-Retreat-Part-3-with-Jason-Park-Audio-Only-.mp3 | February 24, 2022 | 59 MB

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