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October 16, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 16

An open pool wouldn’t work in a race for the gold medal in swimming.  Individual success requires roped-off lanes. The strength, the heart, the training, the motivation, and the will to succeed still require boundaries if they are to produce an Olympic medal.

Many men swim and paddle through life without lanes.  They may have the desire.  They may be well-trained in spiritual disciplines. They may have been studying God’s Word and building spiritual muscle by connecting with other men in the church.  But when it comes down to putting all this dedication, training, and activity together to win their spiritual races, they pull up short of the finish line.

What keeps many men dog-paddling is their inability to establish the necessary boundaries that take advantage of their training.  An Olympic athlete cannot win gold medals without lanes.

Are you willing to stay in the lanes and win?

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