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The Dangerous Good Conference

August 27th, 2022 in Austin, TX

What is it?

Every Man Ministry began 19 years ago with the goal to lead men to step up for Christ in every aspect of their life, to become MEN God calls them to be. Every Man Ministry has grown and launched a movement beyond the digital screen.

Dangerous Good is more than a conference it is a transformation of individual men coming together in cities nationwide who believe that being strong and loving as a man go together.

What started as a blog has become a movement...seeking to encourage men to be filled with the Holy Spirit to become focused, fearless and free!

It is not just a one time spiritual experience at a conference but a life transforming experience leaving the men who commit forever changed.

But why?

A city was transfixed by a miracle of character and conduct flowing out of ordinary men who had “been with Jesus.” The broken ways of being, believing, and behaving as men was being upended and challenged in the small spaces of where the suffering and pain were actually happening.

Spirit-empowered men were spontaneously being dangerous with goodness in the character of Christ. Everybody was seeing it. Everybody was talking about it. Everybody was witnessing a miracle of Kingdom power triumphing over broken male culture. The toxic masculinity of the day was being turned on its head.

The result was jaw-dropping

Jesus did miracles in cities that were meant to be visible, obvious, and compelling in order to give those cities a chance to repent and believe. The miracle he gave Jerusalem was a movement of Spirit- empowered men living transformed lives which captivated and motivated people to experience Christ for themselves. This will be the outcome for any regional or city partnership with Every Man Ministries and the Dangerous Good City Transformation Initiative. The local church is commissioned by God to repulse evil, reach souls, raise spirits, and reduce burdens for people in the name of Jesus in every city and community it inhabits.

The Dangerous Good City Transformation Strategy supports this commission and accelerates God’s Kingdom witness.

A conference for every man

The first Dangerous Good conference was held August 16th and 17th at Desert Reign Church in Los Angeles, with worship led by Jesus Culture.

  • Sold out in two days
  • 500+ attendees
  • 210+ professions of faith
  • 500 commitments of men to serve Christ in their lives

The Dangerous Good Mens Conference Los Angeles 2019

Session 1

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