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Latest Episode | December 12, 2019 With God Part 4 with Kenny Luck – Audio Only


They are refueling just like you, they are recommitting to the fight just like you, and they are going to enter some spaces for Jesus today just like you to take territory BACK from evil. The Every Man Team wants all of you Sons of the King to know that you are NOT alone, we are praying for you, and this morning we declare victory over any evil coming against your life in Jesus name and speak the power of His Spirit onto you, in you, and through you. We are team Jesus and we will always have your back.

Well if you are joining us for the first time, or are coming back to the Every Man LIVESTREAM, we are in a powerful series called WITH GOD. The big idea in this series is this: there are ways we can relate to God that have MORE to do with our needs, our desires, or our fears and LITTLE or NOTHING to do with connecting to God himself. And just like there is a rhythm and SIGNALS we send in our relationships with people that let THEM know we are present to be WITH them…the same is true in your connection to God. In today’s study we are going to look at the one signal that communicates your interest in another person in the strongest and clearest way – do you know what it is? LISTENING. In world filled with distractions, shiny objects, endless push notifications from every app on our phone, and a relentless battle with HURRY – the first thing to go is our ability to SLOW, listen thoughtfully to another person, take it in, receive it, and respond in a way that tells them we were actually LISTENING! In today’s culture, it is a special and rare skill that makes you stand out. Ever think why that is? Because when we sense a person is really listening to us – we know they care about us. Same is true in your relationship with God. The only question that remains now is – WHAT SIGNAL ARE YOU SENDING? Buckle up. This session can change forever how you connect with God – and – even how you are connecting with others in your life.

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