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Latest Episode | December 2, 2021 Whatever The Weather Part 2 with Kenny Luck – Audio Only

Any dad with small kids knows that his little ones are not going to understand his behavior at times.  Key word?  Little.  They are physically not as tall as the one whose hand they are holding and, as such, can’t see what he is seeing at any given time.  A dad will see danger twenty yards away his “little one” cannot and gives instructions to “STOP!”  A dad will be holding his toddler’s hand walking in a large crowd, guiding him based on what he sees in front of him – not the other way around.  A dad sees ahead of his child visually and guides accordingly.  The Bible says we are like the “little one” and God is the Dad who sees what we cannot see.  And just like a child gets frustrated at times by that reality, a dad’s control, and his own inability to see what’s ahead – a loving dad will never stop seeing what He sees and make the adjustments he needs to protect and guide his child. Right now, God is seeing ahead of what you can see God is guiding you accordingly.  The question is: will we trust Him or will we get frustrated?  Or worse, will we break away in ignorance and suffer the consequences? Join men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck for this powerful session on trusting God WHATEVER THE WEATHER.

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