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April 20, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 20

The word sin has lost its communication value in our culture partly because it’s considered too judgmental.


More important, sin no longer has a consistent meaning among Christian men. While we call all agree that sin is bad, we have trouble agreeing upon what qualifies as sin. Most of us smugly believe that we never sin against our wives. Our Hit Parade of Sins comes from the Ten Commandments, and since we haven’t stolen from or lied (oops) to our wives, or cheated on them, we’re in the clear, right?


Many of us go through life without understanding the full height, breadth, and depth of God’s definition of sin. Instead of asking, “How holy can I be?” we prefer to ask, “How far can I go and still be called a Christian?”


And how far can we go depends upon the benchmarks set by our peers rather then by God.


Today I will ask, “How holy can I be?” and expect God to help me reach His benchmarks.





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