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December 2, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 2

His Vision for My Life

God’s vision for you is solid, invincible and has been in place for a long time.  It is an oak tree, it is unstoppable.  Only arrogance or ignorance would attempt to displace it, try to cheat it or ignore it and yet we do.  We presume to design what we will become in Him.  We chase our fantasies over His chosen vision.  We forecast and fashion our lives in our own image.  We reengineer ourselves for cultural acceptability.  We shape our dreams around our own insecurities and dysfunctional tendencies.

And then there is the fatal error:  We get behind the wheel and take over.  I wonder what God thinks of all our presumptions, our engineering of His plan for our lives.

The dream we have for ourselves is unnatural.  It is not God’s dream for us.  God tells us in numerous places and in numerous ways, “My vision of your future is not your version.  Your dreams are not My dreams.  Your paths are not My paths. Your ways are not my ways.” If salvation is not a result of what we do, then why would we think His vision of greatness as a man would be dependent on our exploits?

God set Samuel straight when he set about looking for God’s man among Jesse’s sons, remember?  God’s dream for your life is not external – designed to impress, and it’s not internal – a value or a purpose.  It’s not even a spiritual discipline or set of beliefs.  God’s dream for you is a heaven-owned vision of greatness, a God’s man image built upon that of the God-Man.

You have known this and felt it inside of you ever since you were a little boy. It’s time for all of us to recapture it. God does not love you because He just loves you. Make sure you don’t love Him just because. Seek his unconditional love and pay it forward.

Father, thank you for the building process of maturity.

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