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February 1, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 1

If you’re married and find someone attractive, your first line of defense is a proper mind-set, which is this: This attraction threatens everything I hold dear.


It may not appear threatening early in the attraction, when everything seems innocent. Remember, though, that attractions grow quickly and can destroy your marriage. Even if your marriage manages to survive, at the very least the lurking will weaken the foundation of your marriage and rob your wife of your full captivation.


Your second line of defense is to declare, I have no right to think these things. State this to yourself clearly, decisively, and often. You don’t even know this woman: who are you to be attracted to her? Didn’t your Master give you your wife?


The third line of defense is to heighten your alert. Consider the old Star Trek television series. What did Captain Kirk do when danger approached? He cried out: “Red alert! Shields up!” In a similar vein, when an attractive woman approaches, you must immediately respond: Red alert! Shields up!

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