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April 24, 2013 | Sharing | free Sink or Swim

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Who’s On Board Your Leader SHIP


Every man’s life is a “Leader Ship.”  People board it in the hopes that it will deliver them safely to the next to a personal destination or provide rescue in distress.  Wives, children, co-workers, friends, and, sometimes, complete strangers having an emergency climb on board our leader ship.  The bottom line is this:  they are looking to you to for strength, wisdom, direction, presence, provision, and protection.  It doesn’t matter whether you see yourself as a leader or not, the important thing is that you lead!  


If you haven’t noticed by now there is a gigantic vacuum of healthy leadership around the world.  Men of God have no excuse for not providing great direction and hope for those on board their leader ship.  That’s because we have the greatest leader of all modeling and mentoring us in Christ.  


DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE “LEADER SHIP” CRISIS IN OUR HOMES AND WORLD… Share this video with every leader in your network, meet with your team and watch, and prevent a ship wreck at sea! 

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