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July 4, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | July 4

When a man gives him just a small piece of life to work with, Satan will begin marshaling his forces to pour through that breach and conquer territory.


For the first beachhead assault, Satan seeks to gain mastery over the mind, not the behavior. If Satan can get a man to accommodate a mental foothold, he can take over a man’s entire life in a planned and methodical way. Once the first lie is secured (she’s looking at you because you’re something special), Satan can pour more lies into a man’s mind, which further weakens his character and softens him up for a full-scale invasion.


After Satan has secured the foothold mentally, he concentrates as much energy as possible on solidifying the foothold with an emotional or physical bond. With each mental attack, Satan invests more power into the ambush so that the temptation will feel irresistible, and his quarry will succumb to it.

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