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June 25, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | June 25

The Ruthless Way

“May God have mercy on my enemies because I won’t.”  –  General George S Patton Jr.

In some ways, this battle against indwelling sin resembles the complexities of the War on terror.  First of all, intelligence is critical. The Enemy is shifty, hidden, networked, armed, and patient, and he knows you are after him.  He can employ, disguise, give misinformation, and poisonous deception to keep you at bay. He has the powerful allies; namely, the media soaked culture and the devil supplying him with ammunition. He knows when you sleep and when you wake up.


How do you find rest from this war on spiritual terror? Once you have cut off the snake’s head, it grows another somewhere else just as lethal. J. I. Packer puts it this way, “Sin is always at work in the heart; a temporary lull in its assault means not that it’s dead.  But that it is very much alive.”


The roadside bombs are stowed away in your closets today and a poll reveals that the predominant threat that needs to be constantly tracked down reside in one or more of the following areas. Do your check list and I’ll do mine.


Unresolved marital disconnection or infidelity — materialism — anger or resentment — busyness or being a workaholic — unforgiveness — selfishness — jealousy or envy — impatience — comparison — spiritual apathy.


Jesus gave us the answer when he was tempted for forty days, read about it. (Mark 1:9-13)


Father, truth revealed in your word will clean my closets. You value me.


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