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March 2, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | March 2

In defense of those who give masturbation a free pass, they make the assumption that young males’ sex drives are fixed as high as a kite and can never drop nearer to earth. Given that assumption, they feel they must declare masturbation kosher, and in that light, the only humane, reasonable thing to do is to lift the burden of shame and guilt from their helpless young shoulders altogether, leaving them alone to masturbate in peace.


But their assumptions are false. The sex drive isn’t fixed, and masturbation isn’t as physically and emotionally harmless as many think. No, masturbation won’t grow hair on your palms, but it is an addictive practice, and there’s no doubt that the false intimacy of masturbation turns men inward as they struggle with loneliness rather than turning them outward to God and to others for their intimacy.


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