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May 22, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | May 22

Our sin hurts everyone around us. From a servant’s mind-set, the only questions that matter are questions like these: Is the power of sin still working in my life? Am I still angry? Am I still bitter? Do I still have that critical spirit, where everything always seems wrong? Are there areas in my life I won’t allow my wife to talk to me about?


And when the power of sin is working in us, what is Christ’s advice for us? Tell our wives to shut up? Cross our arms defiantly over our hardened hearts to protect them anytime someone comes near? Tell our wives to get used to it and to join us in covering it all up for the sake of the kids?


Hardly. Here’s God’s advice: “Be earnest, and repent” (Revelation 3:19).


Many Christian men feel that their wives should’t confront their sin but instead pray for them silently. But that’s God’s plan for dealing with the hard hearts of unsaved husbands!


Let’s be men about this. Are our hearts supposed to be no softer toward our sin–or toward our wives– than an unbeliever’s heart? Surely we can do better than that!

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