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November 4, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | November 4

Satanic Forces and Human Beings

The action of knowing and loving Him makes every Christ follower the very real opposition of Satan and his forces.  Jesus eliminated the option of being double–minded.  As stunning as a full-scale declaration of war among nations would be, as lamentable and grievous as the costs, this war, our war, engenders cosmic consequences that dwarf every hell of every war ever fought. There is no such thing as peaceful coexistence on this one. Instead there will be violent campaigns of spiritual warfare and forceful men prosecuting them.

Are satanic forces and human beings presently cooperating to prosecute evil against God’s Son and followers? Yes.  That is the unpolluted reality, my brother.  Are you ready?

Satan hates a guy who’s on guard and sees everyday choices as tactical maneuvers, forgiving someone versus attacking, saying no to unhealthy appetites versus feeding them, encouraging versus tearing down, choosing not to work late versus straining family relationships, choosing Christ-like approaches to problems versus justifying different courses.  The Daily stuff is where the dream is worked out — day to day, moment by moment.

As a soldier of heaven, you know Satan’s tactic is to wear down your resolve little by little.  You know how he tries to make people too busy for quality relationships with God and others.  You know your faith is a cosmic crusade with Christ leading the charge, His eyes fixed, His blade drawn. The Rider, calling to His men, “Swords to the ready!”

Father, thank you for allowing me to ride with you as one of your God’s men.


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