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November 4, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | November 4

Sexual sin may have once stunted your Christian growth and sapped the power of the Spirit in your life, but not anymore.  Now you are ready to soar in the power of the Spirit.  Every little boy dreams of flight, to rise high above the earth and to be carried by fresh winds to new heights, gazing upon thrilling vistas while far above the fray.  It is lovely to be holy!

Jesus came to impart the Spirit of holiness in you, and as you are transformed and as you lose your heart and desires to Jesus, you can stretch the limits of sin’s gravitational pull and soar into the sunshine of freedom.  As the Holy Spirit takes the Word and makes it powerful in you, everything that presents itself against the obedience and fulness of Christ withers in its light.

You can hold your own through God’s grace and the working of the Holy Spirit in you.  You can grow, and power can flow. Yes, even in you.

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