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November 9, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | November 9

Why do we so easily mix in our own standards with God’s?  Why are we so soft in our choices regarding sexual sin?

Sometimes we’re simply naive.  Do you remember seeing the animated Disney classic Pinocchio when you were growing up? Pinocchio knew it was the right thing for all little boys to go to school.  On his way there, however, he met some scoundrels who painted a wonderful picture of spending the day at a place called Pleasure Island, a sort of amusement park just offshore.  They gave Pinocchio a free ticket on the ferry over, but he didn’t know that at day’s end all the boys would be turned into donkeys and be sold to pull carts in the coal mines for the rest of thier lives.  Liikewise, we can be naive and foolish regarding God’s standard for sexual purity as we stumble blindly into wrong “because everyone else is doing it.”

But sometimes we choose wrong sexual standards not because we’re naive, but simply because we’re rebelious.

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