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October 10, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 10

You are a warrior of the living God.  While you didn’t always feel like a warrior before you fought your battle for sexual purity, you are one.  And now that you are living on this side of the battle, you can see it more clearly than ever before.

You’ve fought fiercely on two fronts – the spiritual front and the physical, fleshly front – and you’ve proven your mettle in both.  Your Father could have vaporized your lusts with a snap of His fingers, but He sent you to both fronts to fight for the cause of Christ and to test your love for Him.

Of course this test revealed nothing to God.  He’s known what you are made of since the dawn of time – dust.  But he also knows that He’s deposited a new life in you and sent the Comforter to walk at your side.  He’s always known what you can do in Him.  he simply needs you to know what you can do in Him.

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