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Whatever The Weather Part 3 with Kenny Luck – Audio Only

Ever heard the saying, "Consider the source."  We use that phrase to discount the credibility of someone or some organization when they say something that is questionable or maybe a little hard to believe.  They either have a conflict of interest or a pattern of not being truthful.  Think tabloid newspapers.  Their headlines claim the most outrageous stuff to sell newspapers.   We don't let what they say cause us to get excited, sad or panic because we consider the source. When adversity strikes we do the same thing.  We consider the source and respond appropriately.  When something happens to us that we could not control, we tend to not take it personally.  But what about when we face adversity caused by another person who intentionally hurt us?  This is different and can really throw us into a spiritual and emotional tailspin.  God's man David wrestled with trauma caused by an "enemy" - people who hurt him - and so will we.  These moments will be filled with psychological and spiritual warfare.  When that happens we need spiritual weapons that provide protection and draw us closer to God.  In this powerful session, Pastor Kenny Luck opens a personal armory of spiritual technology which will protect your faith in God after hurt from people. 

Download Whatever-The-Weather-Part-3-with-Kenny-Luck-Audio-Only-.mp3 | December 9, 2021 | 93 MB

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