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Mediocrity's Message to Your Men: You Don't Really Matter - In A World of Quality, Church Is In A Quandary

A drug rehab program ran an ad that got my attention.  It involved a live elephant walking around the inside of a house full of people who are trying their best to ignore it.  Clearly, obviously the elephant is by far the most noticeable and largest presence.  A son is doing homework, head-phones on, eyes fixed.  Elephant walks by.  Kenny Luck, Every Man MinistriesDoesn’t flinch.  A mother is doing dishes in the kitchen, washing them, putting them away, and vigorously determined not to be distracted by the enormous mammal filling up her kitchen.  Elephant passes by her too.  No reaction.  It is a stunning display of dysfunction in the face of a reality that is engaging the senses but receiving no recognition.   The viewer is put into a dysfunctional family as a member of the house and reacts normally (“Hey, there’s an elephant in the room!”) while those who should be most concerned are acting like nothing is wrong.  The metaphor for unaddressed, un-discussed, and unresolved alcoholism lands with force. 


Someone has to say something.  But many times no one says anything.


When it comes to the topic of men, the church is playing this family’s role perfectly—it is hoping to stay focused or distracted by other activities in the house while deep within we know our energy, strategy, and investment in men is, at best, nominal.  Mediocre men’s ministry is the elephant walking around our house.  We convince ourselves against our senses and better judgment to continue the procession of appearances.  The appearance of church health.  The appearance of successful weekend services.   The appearance of various and widespread small groups.  The appearance of discipleship programs.  The appearance of several different ministries and outreaches.  The appearance of meaningful missions abroad.  The appearance that all is well when the one segment of the Body that most broadly impacts all other segments of family, marriage, and children’s health is neither motivated nor activated in any measureable sense.  Can you say “uber-dysfunctional?”

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4 Tips for Going on a Low-Tech "Media Diet" During Christmas

These days, I think the song “Jingle Bells” might start like this:


“Dashing through the snow with a high-def touchscreen display, all the fields we go, tweeting and texting all the way. Bells on smartphones ring, making bandwidth bright, what fun it is to stare and cling to a virtual world tonight...”


Silver bells, tinsel and mistletoe are being replaced with smartphones, tablets, computers and social media. Our youth are catching on to the technology-driven era at younger and younger ages. They pay more attention to screens than people. In fact, one toy maker is even rolling out a bouncy seat for infants with a built-in iPad holder. My co-worker told me his 2-year-old daughter toddled up to the TV to try and swipe it like an iPad. Another father in my office said his 18-month daughter knows how to unlock and navigate his smartphone.


A new study, conducted by the Common Sense Media group, reported 72% of children ages 8 and younger have used a mobile device with 17% using the device daily.


When Jesus said to “Let the children come to me,” I doubt he intended to give a slideshow from a mobile device with wi-fi.

Thank the Giver vs. Give Thanks---"Meat-up" this Thanksgiving

Holiday cheer can be hard to muster when there’s chaos in the air; with more tasks and less time, ‘tis the season that puts a squeeze on our emotions, priorities and finances. Some men paint on a grin and roll through the routine with low expectations. Others face demons from the past, broken families, pressures and circumstances that bring up pain. For many, it’s not survival of the fittest; it’s just a matter of survival.


Holidays can be so much more. Allow me to tweak your perspective this year, starting with T-Day.


Typically, we go into Thanksgiving with hunger in mind, an appetite for turkey, stuffing, all the fix-ins and a football game, all in the name of gratefulness -- just like the pilgrims celebrated the harvest, right?


Wrong. Did you know Thanksgiving was the original men’s “meat-up” dinner that started with a prayer? Thanksgiving was actually evangelism in action, introducing other men -- in the Pilgrim’s case, Native Americans -- to God. It was a gathering of men to thank God for the harvest. Not just a time to be thankful. It was a time to address the person behind the provision, not randomly recite positive thoughts. 

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