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The mind is like a wild mustang, running free, one thought triggering another in no real order. Still, the Bible says we must control not just our eyes, but our whole bodies:   You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor...Continue

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What's Got Your Attention? Here's the Bulls-Eye "S-P-O-T" To Focus On

BREAKING NEWS: Tiger Pulls Out of the Masters


Really? That’s breaking news? A golfer has back spasms, and that’s what the news outlet thought we men ought to know about? The pressing issue flashing across our smart-phones apps and TV’s… Concerned a muscle tweak?

What's Got Your Attention 

Not as important were worldly troubles, illness, violence, politics or human injustices.


Here at Every Man Ministries this got us thinking about what men are thinking about. What really has our attention? Here’s a quick test to see, and be honest with yourself:


  • Rank the following topics in order of importance of what has your attention (1 being highest, 10 is lowest):


  • Sports
  • News/Politics
  • Business
  • Weather
  • Family
  • Friends/Women
  • Health
  • Money
  • Entertainment
  • Other _____________


As you can see, there are a lot of things competing for our attention, and perhaps you vary the rankings on a daily basis. After all, life is full of surprises. If your life’s focus had a target, and each concentric circle represents an area or topic you focus on, what’s in the bulls-eye? Here’s one “SPOT” to think about:

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The Art of Motivation

As the words filled the air, Michael couldn’t believe they were coming out of his mouth. The cold jail bars were the only things that separated him from his son. “Drugs? Are you serious?” Harsh words, hurtful words came billowing out like the black smoke from a diesel engine. Have you ever found yourself in a similar position? Dealing with a rebellious child or having a serious argument with your spouse? Maybe it’s not drugs, infidelity or anything else equally serious but communicating with our family and helping them make good decisions is an art. It requires motivation.


In between my living room and kitchen is a statue of my father-in-law, Grant Teaff. It is a replica of the one outside of Baylor University’s stadium. The pedestal is inscribed with two words: The Believer. That was the name given to the statue because Coach Teaff was famous for making his teams believe they could win.

Wounds and Warriors: Band Aid Solutions Can't Heal Big Bleeders

Like soldiers returning from battle, all of us bring injuries, memories and enemies back to our relationships that can sabotage our lives. We are walking wounded with battle scars, broken hearts, and snake-bitten minds. Unfortunately, these wounds are not badges of honor either. When the right buttons are pushed, a cascade of emotions, conflicts and behaviors are ejected onto our relationships, homes and our work.


The arch-enemy, Satan, wants us to dwell on these wounds, relive and recycle them driving us to drink, or some other self-medicating distraction. The longer we live without healing, the longer the enemy can strangle our futures, hopes and dreams as well as destroy our ability to realize God’s abundant life in the present.

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