Pimped By Popularity, Supreme Court Acting Like Junior HIghers

“What will they think of me?”


I must have asked myself this question subconsciously a million times—in seventh grade.  Heck, I even fretted over how to articulate saying “here” during roll call my first day of school at Miller Junior High.  Twelve and self-conscious is expected.  My daily social fears clearly indicated one thing: I wasn’t secure personally, emotionally, or morally.  I had not solved the identity and acceptance issues yet.  “Growing up” would mean landing on a way to be, believe, and behave that helped me land the Holy Grail of adolescence:  acceptance.  The hunt was afoot and the chase was on to avoid rejection and secure “popular.”  Observe the right words.  Observe the right clothes.  Observe the right social connections.  Observe the prevalent morality.  Then fit in.  Acceptance had a cost but the prize was worth the price. Innocently, I started off feeling the promise of popular but then came the pain.  Pain not just for me but, by default, for those who didn’t fit into my new worldview.  They got a label, were rejected, and sentenced to isolation.  The broken quest for approval and popularity Kenny Luck, Every Man Ministriesthrough the teen years put me in harms way more times than I want to remember, hurt others, and pressed me into moral choices I would rather forget.  “Fitting in” and trusting youth culture to “show me the way” personally or morally should have never been a goal.  I became less of a man and less mature because a life formed around pop-culture or popularity is always synonymous with a weak and destructive morality one hundred percent of the time.


The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) was officially and publicly pimped today.  The pimper?  Popular and energetically propagated moral opinion




Pimps know acceptance and belonging are powerful drivers in human beings and they leverage this fundamental need in people to control their “girls.”  My wife and I know this from being involved in sex trafficking causes.  It’s a subtle and powerful game of emotional manipulation, promises, and pain.  Moral popularity is a historically powerful pimp over political processes, promising acceptance but, in the end, countries pay a steep price selling out their forming moral principles and traditions.   To this end, we have witnessed textbook pimping.  SCOTUS felt the need to go with the moral flow on the cultural playground. They evaluated the marriage issue using the weakest of all moral filters:  What will others think?


 Their stated “opinions” mask this deeper, more human and self-protecting motivation.  The country’s “high” thinkers playing a higher stakes, country impacting game with a junior high calculus.  Observing trends they clearly see moral shifts and decide either not to think or speak up strongly for fear of rocking the boat.   They settle.  They blend in.  They soak in the political and social currents.  But, like a pimp, pop culture has called on SCOTUS’s relationship with popularity asking for a “favor” in the real realms of family, marriage, parenting, sexual expression, and morality in the form of a vote and moral stance.  The math of social manipulation comes full circle.  SCOTUS was put in a political and moral cul-de-sac.  Acquiesce or else.  Or else what?  You pay a price.  You get a label.  You get sentenced to social isolation.  You become (gasp) “unpopular.”  Amazing how the fear of rejection changes one’s thinking and behavior in the moment.  The new secular morality is here America.


The new morality is so digitally pervasive, media propagated, and powerful the assumption and perception is that everyone is already on board.  What? You’re not! Well, then, you better get with the program.  SCOTUS did. Everybody’s adjusting and adopting the new thinking. To “fit” into the culture matrix, be accepted, and be tolerated the expectation is that you too will get “on board” with :

  • every person’s moral view is valid … just because it’s theirs
  • every person’s moral behavior (save for gross injustice) is valid for the same reason
  • every sexual expression can and deserves to be promoted and protected unless it is traditional
  • every conceiveable family structure is valid as long as there is “love”
  • every “community of acceptance” is endorseable because there is “acceptance” there for that person. Who are we to judge a person’s source of acceptance or not advocate for it?


Today we witness the official ignition and inception of reverse self-righteousness.  It’s been building up for a while now and we knew it was coming.  The champions of tolerance and moral relativism have won a major victory and now begin to become like the very people they loathed—intolerant of anyone who is “unelvolved” morally and disagrees with their view on marriage whether they deserve it or not.  In the midst of the political euphoria, a sobering and clarifying reality has descended.  Millions of backs in the United States will be placed uncomfortably against the wall morally in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Sources of moral authority will be sourced and exposed.  True identities and connected beliefs will be forced to surface or suffocated under pressure to conform.  Awkward moments are coming like a tsunami.  People will both lose themselves and find themselves. 


My question is this: will you be pimped by popularity too?


Join the discussion.


How will the Supreme Court decision impact your own moral views or thinking? 




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Kenny Luck, founder and president of Every Man Ministries, is the men’s pastor at Saddleback Church, and has a great deal of experience in leading men through their walk with God. His program Sleeping Giant empowers men to take the experience of a men’s ministry and bring it to their own communities. Watch Kenny’s teachings at EveryManMinistries.com.

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6 Comment(s)


AWESOME article!


Thanks for speaking the Truth Kenny


Kenny - I couldn't agree more with you, and I will not let popular opinion deter me! Your next post in this issue cites scripture for keeping your eye upon Christ and running the race set before us. Watch what's coming next - polygamy, bestiality, and you name it. Are we close enough to the immoralities of Sodom and Gomorrah? When will God torch our society? Come Lord, Jesus.

Steve Hodgson

On April 7th 1837 Hans Christian Anderson published a short story called 'The Emperors New Clothes'. this itself was based on the 'Tales of Count Lucanor'. Like many stories from the past they are a warning for the future and unfortunately very often they are ignored and the resulting consequences have to be lived with. The Supreme Court in its ruling has shown itself no better than the emperor in the story in that it values its appearance more than the content of its character. One of the problems that we outside of America see with the USA is that has very little knowledge, as a whole of history outside its own borders. This is not the first time powerful societies have followed this path, both Rome and Greece have been down this very road before and in both cases their societies fell apart considerably faster than they grew. Unless the USA wakes up and recognizes the path they have started down then the 'American Century' will soon become a glorious memory of the past and the history books will question how such a great experiment could have failed. The Supreme Court members of today may well bask in their 'enlightened' glory but their ancestors will shake their heads on the legacy they left their country.

Don Bowker

The Supreme Court decision is indeed another sad and costly day for our country. As our nation continues down this path of "We know best", it is not without cost. It pains me to witness the blatant disregard for the blessings our God has bestowed upon us. You can't read His Book without realizing our sins will find us out.

Michael Portner

For a long time I have felt the turning of America away from the moral principles upon which it was founded. I can not blame our President for this but he has certainly put the pedal to the metal to speed the process along. As it is said, 'for me and my house we will serve the Lord'. We each must take a stand. - take the high ground or allow yourself to be betrayed by the false gods of government, money, fame, etc. God gave us free will to choose our own path, however when we choose to stray from God, things begin to happen. Ignore them at your peril. Our Bible has so many stories of what happens to people and countries when they turn away from God. Look at what is happening to the United States right now. We have been in Gods grace for well over 100 years yet we really hit the skids around the 60s when "free sex, drugs and rock and roll became the in thing. We are being punished and it will get worse until we choose to repent and again follow God. We must become obedient. Sorry for rambling but I needed to say these things.

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