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April 22, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 22

The magazines at the supermarket checkout might say, “Fantasize to a Better Sex Life.” The talk shows may say, “Let variety improve your sex life–adultery can be good!” But in God’s kingdom, obedience always ends in joy, peace, and in this case, thrills.


You can count on a sexual payoff from obedience. Whether your wife is wide or narrow or lumpy or smooth, when you focus your full attention on “your fountain,” she’ll become ever more beautiful to you. Her weak points will become sexy because they’re yours and yours alone. They’re all you have, and you can cherish them and let them fulfill you.


If you limit your eyes to your wife only, your own tastes will adapt to what you’re viewing. Your wife’s strengths and weaknesses will become your tastes. Eventually, she’ll be beyond comparison in your eyes.


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