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April 5, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | April 5

If you have mixture in your sexual standards, you will likely have at least a hint of sexual impurity in your life. You won’t pay the price of true obedience–like avoiding the sensuality found in many Hollywood films. Like avoiding thoughts of old girlfriends and the flirtatious woman at work. Like training your eye to look away.


God is your Father and expects obedience. Having given you the Holy Spirit as your power source, He believes His command should be enough for you, just as you believe your command should be enough for your kids.


Trouble is, we aren’t in search of obedience. We’re in search of mere excellence, and His command is not enough. We push back, responding, “Why should I eliminate every hint? That’s too hard!”


Lord, thank You for the power of the Holy

Spirit that enables me to obey Your commands.

Help me remember that Your commands are enough for me.

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