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August 4, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | August 4



Jesus wept. Then the Jews said “See how he loved him!” John 11:35-36


That’s what made Jesus.  It’s what makes God’s man, God’s man. And in the process of seeing that need and responding in the character of Christ, God’s man can send a message more powerful than any deed and tower over lesser accomplishments.  Compassion becomes its own law, delivering with overpowering strength from a higher authority, a signature God. The messages of Jesus were loud and clear.

The freedom to touch the untouchable came from an identity free of the opinions of man, free of the compulsions of culture, and free of the pressure of politics.  Compassion lets the world know you are free to be God’s man.  You act for an audience of one. This is a rare thing. It is attractive.  It is Christ-like. He saw the man, His heart responded, and His identity in the Father released Him to reach out, not cop out to politics of clean or unclean. God’s dream for you is that you would be equally strong and secure in Him so that the compassion of Christ could flow freely to the ones who need your touch.  Compassion established Jesus as a God pleaser versus a man pleaser. Our freedom to touch is always a reflection of our identity.

The compassionate responses of Christ are not possible without willingness to visually and emotionally connect with reality. In stark contrast to the spiritual leaders of His time, His visual awareness of need caused Him to respond with compassion, versus allowing His rational mind to excuse Him.

Father, you have made my heart tender because of your compassion. 


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