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December 23, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 23

Satan – The Crooked Mechanic

Satan is a crooked mechanic, always looking to pop the hood of our spiritual lives and mess around. We have titles for the tinkering of Satan and the malfunctions he causes.

Materialism: One who has bad relationships because they worship inanimate objects without souls or emotions. My Mercedes and my money can’t give me a hug, laugh, cry or be hurt by stupidity. Things are safe to love because they require no character, but unsafe for your soul because they are soulless.

Hedonism: One who has bad relationships because they pimp people, seeing them ultimately as objects of or a means of achieving self-gratification. No one I have ever known enjoys being prostituted for someone else’s high. They love “feelings” or physical sensations or risky behaviors.

Narcissism: One who thinks life’s all about them. They are the God of their life. A relational narcissist is an oxymoron. All of their relationships are meant to reflect back on them in a positive way. You can’t be addicted to yourself, your appearance, your titles, and your control over others, and genuinely serve someone else’s needs.

Satan will dress it up in powerful ways; he pops the hood and suggests things we don’t need that will give him the profit. He suggests and we buy it. Same ole story, remember Eve? Everything we buy begins with thoughts that are suggested under our hoods. Our mind is a wonderful thing when it is properly cared for by the right mechanic. By the way, I got a guy. Everybody’s got a guy. My guy is the perfect mechanic because He built my engine.

Father, Thank you for the thoughts you provide for me to buy.


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