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December 30, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | December 30

You have learned:

  • the personal benefits of having an undivided heart toward God
  • how to stop resolving to change and instead experience a revolution inside
  • how to move against fear and replace it with faith
  • how winning or losing a spiritual foothold changes the tide of war
  • how and why doing things 80 percent God’s way and 20 percent your way fails
  • why having other men watch your back is non-negotiable for God’s man
  • how confession releases God’s power and bloodies the Enemy’s nose
  • how to partner effectively and practically with the Guide–God’s Spirit
  • the source of real spiritual power and how to tap it
  • why perseverance is the mark of God’s man
  • the purpose of building and staying within well-marked boundaries
  • mastering your spiritual motivation once and for all

Now go live it.

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