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December 30, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | December 30

Drawing the Net

I’m sure we all who are God’s men know that you have to be brain dead not to understand that the Holy Spirit desires us to work with him to bring in the lost.

To say that you have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit and a weak commitment to reaching souls is fantasy.  If He is forming Christ in us, then He is creating a tender warrior, ready to battle for the eternal future of those He has placed in our life and commissioned to reach for Him.

Here’s what reaching someone’s soul looks and feels like in the power of the Holy Spirit – evangelism is synonymous with inconvenience.  You have to leave something, or some preoccupation, in order to make another person the focus of your attention.  You have to leave the emotional safety zone of acceptance for the risk-filled world of possible rejection.  You might be called to cross cultural, political, ethnic, or personal boundaries to deliver the goods.

Cooperating with the Holy Spirit is synonymous with talking often about Jesus Christ.  And while many interactions we have throughout the day are incidental, many others can be monumental if we are in close contact with the Holy Spirit.

Think of the people God is calling you to get closer to with the flow of their life so they will consider the claims of Christ; the point of Jesus is simple and challenging.  If a relationship is important to you, you will talk about it. The same is true of the good news.  By its very nature it moves those who know it to share it with others.

Father, thank you for reminding me of your heart for me and others just like me.


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