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February 17, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 17

If you’re in bondage to masturbation, should you try to break free? The answer is yes. Is it possible to break free? Yes again.


If you’re living with a deep sense of shame over masturbation, you need to stop masturbating, but you also need to stop the shame. A good first step is to change your harsh view of God–more precisely, God’s view of you. Only then can you deal with masturbation as the binding, grinding problem it is, without worrying about any silly false shame that we needn’t carry as beloved children of God. Focus on steps you can take to overcome this habit. Where there’s hope, there’s a future.


Lord, help me change my harsh view of You and what I perceive to be Your view of me. Help me rise above false shame and begin to see myself as your beloved child.

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