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February 23, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 23

For most of us the real reason we don’t consistently pray with our wives has nothing to do with some well-thought-out spiritual philosophy we’ve used to dismiss the need. Rather, most of us have simply never tried, and many who did have simply quit in frustration.


Maybe those few times you prayed together were too dry or boring, or maybe it was good for one of you but not for the other. Then the kids came along and wrung away more and more time. Maybe your sexual sin made you feel far too guilty to walk in the garden of prayer with your pure wife. So you threw in the towel, dismissing prayer and salving your conscience by convincing yourself that it was unimportant anyway.


But your prayer life together is important.


You need a tight prayer life for the protection it brings to your marriage. Not only does the deep intimacy of marital prayer rival the vibrant excitement of sexual intimacy, but it can easily anchor your victory over sexual sin, which should be a high priority for you on this side of purity.

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