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February 26, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | February 26

Marital adjustment is simple. Before marriage, you commanded your ship of life based upon the personal convictions and soul essence of one person–you. Now, as skipper of the USS Matrimony, you must command based upon the convictions and essence of two people. These convictions will sometimes conflict, and it won’t be your love that brings oneness out of the impasse, no matter how sincere your emotions. It’s your decisions that honor her essence and your actions that bring oneness. 


If your wife is to love fully in marriage, you must study her essence–what she’s all about–until you know it like your own. Without such study, your natural male mind-set makes you a reckless commander. You must ignite within yourself a new mind, because reckless commanders sink ships.


Today I will make decisions that honor my wife. I will choose actions that bring oneness to our marriage.

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