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May 1, 2013 | Sharing | Free Digging Deep

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God’s Man Loves God’s Word


“DO NOT let this book of the law depart from your mouth, MEDITATE on it day and night, SO THAT you may be careful to TO DO EVERYTHING in it.  Then you will be PROSPEROUS and SUCCESSFUL”   Joshua 1:8


Let’s skip to the bottom line about you and your relationship with God:  you can’t say that you love God and not love His word (the Bible).   In God’s mind it’s the same as saying “I love you” to your girlfriend or wife but if you never spend time with her conversing or interacting the integrity of that assertion can questioned by everyone.  


The depth of any relationship reflects the quantity and quality of time spent.  So how’s that going?  Do you feel like your relationship with God is existing on yesterday’s experiences and conversations?  Time for a fresh wind to blow into your life?


DO SOMETHING TODAY THAT TAKES YOU DEEP INTO GOD’S WORD and makes you or the men in your network more prosperous and succesful.  WATCH & SHARE this video session, dig deep into God’s Word, and discover new growth in your relationship with Christ.

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