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July 28, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | July 28



A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher. Luke 6:40


Ebola made its first presence known in 1976 when there was an outbreak in several African countries. At that time the outbreak took nearly 1500 lives. A more recent outbreak took place in 2014 with well over 5000 lives taken and at this time has not been eliminated. There is yet to be a cure discovered.

OK, that’s interesting but what is the point? If we reverse the negative outcome of physical Ebola and use it as an example of the positive effects of spiritual cure of human society it is helpful. In fact, the life of Jesus reflected intentional infection with His men—it was needed and necessary if God’s plan for the world was to be successful.  His life came into close personal contact with ordinary men. Out of the thousands, He intentionally selected and associated with twelve disciples and infected eleven. For three years He downloaded.  He gave them everything He had, every chance He had.

Jesus told his trainees in Luke 6:40 His end game was infection. His actions were deliberate, and He wanted His men to possess His mission, share His feelings on things, and imitate His behavior. His way was his Father’s way, and that’s what made Him confident and contagious. His men were in contact, exposed, got infected and ultimately, would spread this way of living like wildfire to everyone in their path.

When we put ourselves in this analogy, think about it — there is no cure for our disease. We have an eternal incurable disease with the privilege of infecting others. How else will others receive God’s grace?

Thank you father, for infecting me with your love and grace.


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