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March 25, 2024 | Daily Devotionals | March 25

In the Company of Men

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:25 KJV


When I ask guys if they feel connected, and they reply that they are in a couple’s Bible study with their wives, I ask whether they have ever talked about their struggles with lust in that setting. I haven’t heard a positive response yet. In the company of women, we simply don’t discuss all the things we need to deal with as men, nor are our wives able to identify with many of the struggles we wrestle with.


I’ve found that men do not become men in the company of women. Please understand, I’m not dissing the ladies when I make this statement. It’s simply the way God created us. Men become men in the company of men. In fact, sociologists say this is why many young men gravitate toward gangs. They are looking to become men in the company of men, even though their approach is all wrong. Ask any warrior in any culture. (Conversely, women become women in the company of women.) 


We’ve learned that a men’s small group is a great place for what we call the four Cs: confession, consistency, caring, and completion. Guys who meet frequently care about the spiritual welfare of their brothers and can honestly talk about the struggles and challenges they face. In a men’s small group, secrets lose their power and God’s Word is brought to bear on the issue at hand. Besides, it feels good to have someone watching your back. That’s how a God’s man feels connected.


I’ve heard guys say they avoid small groups because they feel forced and inauthentic. But like any new connection, that organic sense of trust and ease takes time. Be patient—that group of strangers can become a band of brothers who can literally save your life in a crisis down the road. Sometimes we have to be the one to swallow our pride and “walk across the room” to open up and invite transparency.


Close connection between God’s men is fueling the next wave of spiritual revolution. We are discovering the life-changing difference such relationships can make, and we are becoming close allies in the battle to finish strong.


Father, thank you for making me a man and the mantle that it possesses.

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