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February 5, 2013 | FAQ | My Church Does Life Groups, How Does Ignite Program Work With Them?

The Ignite Program was designed to run a healthy men’s ministry by getting the men in your community and congregation engaged and activated by Getting them In, Getting them Healthy, Getting them Strong and then Getting them Going.  Ignite is highly effective in parallel with existing Life Groups.  The men in your existing Life Groups or more importantly the men who are not connected in any group, need to have a place to gather weekly with other men to fellowship with, to learn from, to form accountability relationships, and to study men’s specific issues.   As a result of doing this they become spiritually healthier and will then move to the next level which is training them to be an activated, servant leader.  After they are trained, they will want to serve in a ministry God is calling them to be part of and will now be equipped to do so.  Ignite will work alongside Life Groups to address specific men’s issues, train your men and activate them into ministry.

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