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October 17, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 17

A men’s small group is a great place for the Four Cs: confession, consistency, caring and completion.  Guys who met frequently care about the spiritual welfare of their brothers and can honestly talk about the struggles and challenges they face.  In a men’s small group, secrets lose their power as God’s Word is brought to bear on the issues at hand.  Besides, it feels good to have someone watching your back.  That’s how God’s man feels connected.

Men who are connected to a men’s small group reach their spiritual goals much faster than those who remain spiritually shipwrecked and isolated.  Instead of being a castaway, God’s man has a supporting cast behind him.

Close connections between God’s men are fueling the next wave of spiritual revolution.  We are discovering the life-changing difference such relationships can make, and we are becoming close allies in the battle to finish strong.

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