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October 17, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | October 17

Rationalizing vs. Reality

Rationalizing is the opposite of reality.  Excusing ourselves from the reality of our responsibility as God’s man will not be accepted.  Those things don’t fly.  They are not Christ like.  Your awareness of His love for you, Christ’s character forming in you, and your partnership with the Holy Spirit inside incinerates such self-deception.  More important, God’s man knows that the acceptance or promotion of a lie produces great negative consequences.  Acknowledgment and acceptance, no matter how painful, produce the greatest freedoms and blessings in life.

To be like Christ, the gloves must come off.  It’s time to see, engage, and interact with what is, not what you wish it was.  It takes a man-sized courage to live in truth and reality — you must be open to personal transformation.  The hard part? Admitting your identify and your energies may have been partially misplaced.  But you have the opportunity today to become more like Christ — a man who doesn’t have to create a world of unreality to make himself feel better or more secure.

The bottom line is that Jesus negotiates reality very well.  He should — He created it. And that means that the one living in you is just waiting to encourage people and to pursue it to set them free, much like He did while He was here.  Follow the example and don’t give up.  The more like Jesus you become, the more freedom you will have.

Why? Because you are real, that’s the real dream brother.

Father, you are the one that gives me the courage to face reality.


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