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October 18, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | October 18


“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” Romans 8:14

Men are made to risk, to encourage you to be an aggressive risk taker for God, and above all to get you to act on what you know God is calling you to do.  “What is it?” you ask.  Here’s a clue: whatever makes you swallow big. My friend Lee Strobel puts it this way:

“When we take a risk, we’re stretching beyond what we think are our limits in order to reach for a goal.  Inevitably, that involves overcoming some sort of fear — fear of the unknown, of physical harm, of failure, of humiliation, even of success. And it involves adventure”.

There are two ways to go in your life of faith: smooth, residential, safe, and boring: or off-road, twisting, riskier, and exciting. Which road would the little boy in you take? Your energy and willingness to invest it for Christ is not slipping God’s watchful eye.  He’s hoping, you’ll cross the line in those areas of your life that will most stretch you to be His man — right now. 

The question for you is this: Can God be trusted?

The thing to remember is God is working in you and your drive will be determined by the faith that you have in Him. Faith is like a muscle it grows with exercise, your risk decisions will be made regarding the amount of the exercise you give your faith.  Attempt something of risk according to your faith and then keep growing in the safety of God and the trust He affords. What will you risk, or attempt for your faith today?

Father, thank you for the faith you have given me to attempt something of risk for you. You have promised that you will lead me into all truth.


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