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What Do I Do Now? – Message Notes

We live in a place and time when we are overrun with adversity. The news feeds of our lives are boiling over with bad news. Houses are burning down, gunmen are carrying out unimaginable evil acts, and even though we don’t have the energy to talk about it anymore…there is a pandemic claiming the lives of our loved ones. And that is just the stuff we woke up to this morning. All these things are stealing our peace. It has us all standing around asking, “What do we DO?” Because we should be DOING something. What is the alternative? NOT DOING! Thinking about it, talking about it, and worrying about it does nothing about “it”. We are called to do something about it. Jesus spoke these powerful words after washing the disciples’ feet, “Not that you know these things, you will be blessed if you DO them.” (Jn. 13:17). Time for some doing.

Download What-Do-I-Do-Now-Handouts.pdf | May 18, 2022 | 68 KB

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