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Dealing with Dirt and Hurt: When to Call In the Calvary

Tough times happen. This world isn’t a cozy comforter. It’s more of a wet blanket that wants to wrap around you when you feel lost, defeated, rejected and discouraged. The world provides liquid “spirits,” drugs, fantasy women and images to soothe, but these only drag us down a path of destruction.   The Bible warns us in John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble…” So it should be no surprise when we feel like we’ve been sucker punched in the gut with problems. Unfortunately, we are all damaged goods bringing past dirt and hurt to our lives and relationships, which can snowball in our minds and make matters worse.   How do we deal with the dirt and hurt? 

10 Ways to Make Special Occasions Special

Why do special occasions seem to provide people, even Christians, with a supposed license to sin? We see it in movies, popularizing wedding “hangovers” and among “bridesmaids” and “wedding singers:” Or closer to home, the uncle who drinks too much at family gatherings. It feels like holidays, when boiled down to reality, become nothing more than occasions to indulge for so many.   I’m not prude, and I realize Jesus turned water into wine for wedding guests. But I don’t think he was condoning over-doing it as a form of celebration. Think about it with me, here is a quick list of occasions that our culture has glamorized with not-so special behaviors, giving us a mysterious hall pass from morality:

Breakfast of Fighters

  • By Every Man Ministries
We, men, are at war – an epic spiritual battle.  With every sun rise, a new threat awaits. Unforeseen bombs will be lobbed our way. Fiery darts will be aimed at our character. Other weapons are fashioned to blast our armor. Organized legions are positioned to break through our walls. You and I are fighting the good fight of faith. Since this is one fight you simply cannot afford to lose today without grave consequences the question becomes one of health – your spiritual health.  So let’s start with breakfast shall we?  How do you load up to win?   I’m not talking about a carb load. I’m talking about the “bread of life” and the “living water” that deliver first food to a man of God both for short-term power and long-term rewards.

The (Really) Affordable Healthcare Plan for 2014

  • By Every Man Ministries
Every January, millions of people resolve to lose weight. And every February, millions of people forget, ignore or give up on their resolution. Dreams of a smaller waistline, broader chest, defined muscles and a healthy heart get swallowed by lack of energy, lack of motivation and too many desserts.   With 35% of Americans ages 20 and up being obese or overweight, according to the Center for Disease Control, clearly our society is losing the battle of the bulge.   Why? How come men can’t -- or won’t -- shed the flab that holds them back? Why do men prefer to be fat than fit?   I believe it’s a spiritual battle played in the arena of our physical mind and body.   As we plow forward into 2014, here’s God’s Affordable Healthcare Plan so we can augment the new Affordable Care Act that will surely affect our ability to obtain medical care. Here it is, ready?

Weird Science: Why People Defend a "Theory"

At the coffee shop the other day, I overheard a man shoveling broken science into the ear of his guest about how the academic world does not support the existence of God or religion.   I wanted to set the man straight, but figured I could write about it instead.   If you research creation, the Theory of Evolution, and the existence of God, you will come to a crossroads. You will either have to believe in a theory that has never been proven, and requires several physical laws to be upended, or accept the enormous amount of facts from cosmology, biology, physics, anthropology, non-Christian historians, ancient historical texts and Biblical scholars that unequivocally point to a creator, showing it actually takes much less faith to believe in God.   For most non-believers, they would rather hang onto the “weird science” of their own intellect, acting as armchair biologists defending rigorously a theory so they can justify their immoral lifestyle. Because if they acknowledge the truth, then they would have to contend with being cosmically accountable and explain their behavior.

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